Netflix Recommendations, Vol. 1: Tagalog Movies

I'm not the biggest fan of Filipino movies. The recipe for most local films has been the same for what feels like centuries. The genre changes, of course, but for every genre, the shit's basically what it was two or three or even five decades ago, save for a few indie films. We have marital … Continue reading Netflix Recommendations, Vol. 1: Tagalog Movies

‘Seven Sundays’ Hits the Right Spots

I was never a big fan of Filipino films. They all seem so repetitive and just going off of the same recipe that’s seriously dated. I couldn’t bear one more of it so I just steer clear. But recently, more and more local releases are becoming better and armed with a different story line than … Continue reading ‘Seven Sundays’ Hits the Right Spots

Filipino Indie: Baka Bukas (Maybe Tomorrow)

Multiple friends have tagged me on viral Baka Bukas posts on Facebook on more than one occasion. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first until I found out that it’s actually a film about the life of this feminine lesbian and it’s directed by Samantha Lee herself! Sam’s not really super well-known in … Continue reading Filipino Indie: Baka Bukas (Maybe Tomorrow)