Tis The Season For Unfriending People

I’m not new to this game. In fact, I have been consciously doing this since 2016 (and I think you probably know why). But the recent events gave birth to a whole new level of social media decluttering. As of today, Thursday, 26th of March, at exactly 22:18, I’ve probably unfriended about 20+ people. I’ve … Continue reading Tis The Season For Unfriending People

A Social-Media-Challenged Millennial

I was born in the early '90s; am currently in my 20s; and have an account on basically every social media platform out there. By definition, I'm a millennial through and through. However, if there's one thing about being a millennial that I can't fully grasp is, well, social media. Yes, despite the fact that … Continue reading A Social-Media-Challenged Millennial