Then She Was Gone was A Surprise

I'm gonna be honest. I'm not really a big fan of British novels, for various reasons. For starters, the "accent" in my head while I'm reading is not pretty. I try to avoid reading it with an accent but since I'm fully aware that they're British, it's a bit hard. Plus, there are instances when … Continue reading Then She Was Gone was A Surprise

Sadie is for ‘The Girls’

Before anything else, Sadie is not your usual mystery, suspense-thriller novel. It's not the kind that's longing for a big reveal. It's basically a true crime but fiction. Although you may not know it at the time yet or maybe you're in denial (just like I was), you already know the ending. Trigger warning. Trigger … Continue reading Sadie is for ‘The Girls’

‘Verity’ Haunted My Dreams

Last night, after an entire day of basically scrolling through this book on my phone (I honestly do not miss physical books, don't hate me), I finally finished it. And the whirlwind of emotions that came after were just as intense as the ones I felt while I was reading it. Imagine, I actually dreamt … Continue reading ‘Verity’ Haunted My Dreams

March 2020 Book Roundup

Reading truly is a funny thing. One minute I'm so into it, then the next I'm just tired of it all even though I've loved reading since elementary (I remember going through my cousin's Nancy Drew books collection). Or maybe reading isn't the funny one and it's actually me, the person whose attention span is … Continue reading March 2020 Book Roundup

‘Between You and Me’ Actually Delivers the Twist

I need to talk about this book immediately. Well, without giving away any spoilers that is. And I have to be really careful with that because I might end up blabbing away the good part. I just finished reading this about 5 minutes ago (February 28) and I still haven't picked up my jaw from … Continue reading ‘Between You and Me’ Actually Delivers the Twist

The Ghostwriter – A Painfully Beautiful Tale

I wanted to read this because I was seriously getting tired of all the young adult and new adult novels that have consumed me for the past month and a half. Don't get me wrong, though. A bunch of them are good reads and I'm happy to have known the characters and to have been … Continue reading The Ghostwriter – A Painfully Beautiful Tale