2018 Reading Challenge

Originally, I set my Goodreads reading challenge goal to 15. When I finished my 8th book before January ended, I decided to edit the goal to 24. A few days ago, before the crack of dawn on the 1st of March, I finished my 24th and decided to once again change my goal; this time, to 50 books.

I actually want to read a lot more than that. I don’t want to have this set in stone yet but I really am hoping to read 100 books this year. 🤞🏽 But hey, maybe once I finished my 50th book this year and I know there’s still enough time left, I’d probably change that goal again to 100.

So… here are the books that I’ve read so far this 2018 (separated by month and in order of when I finished them):


1-everything everything
2-without merit
4-another day
5-the outsiders
6-eliza and her monsters
7-turtles all the way down
8-this is where it ends
9-one of us is lying


11-what we saw
12-if i was your girl
13-the upside of unrequited
14-losing hope
15-the love that split the world
16-the ghostwriter
17-they both die at the end
19-to all the boys i've loved before
20-ps i still love you
21-always and forever, lara jean
22-the wife
23-between you and me


24-this song will save your life
25-the hate u give
26-finding cinderella
27-maybe someday
28-maybe not
29-the cuckoo's calling
30-the unexpected everything
31-amy and roger's epic detour
32-tell me three things


33-what to say next
34-second chance summer
35-little monsters
36-this is our story
37-nothing left to burn
38-the sun is also a star
39-the girl i used to be

MAY – 7

40-love life and the list
41-lucky in love
42-on the fence
43-the distance between us
44-ps i like you
45-by your side
46-the fill-in boyfriend

★★★★★ – wow that was great
★★★★☆ – hey i really like that
★★★☆☆ – that wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst either
★★☆☆☆ – meh, okay, whatever
★☆☆☆☆ – what the fucking hell was that

Try clicking on the photos. If it takes you to a new page, then you’ve been redirected to my review (more like me babbling my thoughts away) of the book. And yes, I made quite the fucking effort into doing this page.

Final Tally: 46 Books

I may not have completed my goal of 100 books but this isn’t so bad considering that I stopped reading in May.

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