Diving Down My TBR Pile, Vol. 1

I was going through my Drafts because apparently, it has ballooned to 124 posts and I didn't even notice until today. I already trashed some of them but this particular post caught my eye. I don't know why it's in my Drafts because upon checking, I already published that post back in 2018. Not sure … Continue reading Diving Down My TBR Pile, Vol. 1

March 2020 Book Roundup

Reading truly is a funny thing. One minute I'm so into it, then the next I'm just tired of it all even though I've loved reading since elementary (I remember going through my cousin's Nancy Drew books collection). Or maybe reading isn't the funny one and it's actually me, the person whose attention span is … Continue reading March 2020 Book Roundup

What’s New, Vol. 7: Books from the Big Bad Wolf

Nothing beats the smell of new books. And nothing will ever beat a local event that offers over 3 million books for 50-60% less than their regular price. Of course, I just had to be there -- regardless of how fucking far the event location is at from where I live. (Just for scale, it … Continue reading What’s New, Vol. 7: Books from the Big Bad Wolf