Mystery Week Lives On with ‘If You’re Out There’

Curious. The whole time I was reading this, I was nothing but curious. Intensely curious? Can you even say that? Well, if you can, that's what I was. I slept last night after finishing half of the book and at some point during my sleep, I think I had dreamt of this. More like I … Continue reading Mystery Week Lives On with ‘If You’re Out There’

Never Never… Seriously

I haven’t finished—started, actually—a mystery novel after Verity but since that book reminded me of the disaster that is this series, I’m gonna talk about this instead. I read the books waaaay back in 2016, though, but it feels like it was just yesterday (now that it was unearthed from the depths of my memory). … Continue reading Never Never… Seriously

‘Verity’ Haunted My Dreams

Last night, after an entire day of basically scrolling through this book on my phone (I honestly do not miss physical books, don't hate me), I finally finished it. And the whirlwind of emotions that came after were just as intense as the ones I felt while I was reading it. Imagine, I actually dreamt … Continue reading ‘Verity’ Haunted My Dreams

Two Can Keep A Secret… If One is Dead

Last week, I found out that Mx Karen wrote a sequel to One of Us is Lying, a Young Adult Mystery novel that I loved and read back in 2018. Needless to say, I was excited. But after having read the book, all I felt was extreme disappointment. It wasn't at all what I was … Continue reading Two Can Keep A Secret… If One is Dead

The Politics is Overwhelming

I've always been vocal about my political stance. My social media connections ("friends") know it, my actual friends know it, my relatives know it, even most of my blog readers know it (except if you're new then hello, I'm vocal). The thing is, I'm only 28 years old. Statistically, I still have a whole life … Continue reading The Politics is Overwhelming

March 2020 Book Roundup

Reading truly is a funny thing. One minute I'm so into it, then the next I'm just tired of it all even though I've loved reading since elementary (I remember going through my cousin's Nancy Drew books collection). Or maybe reading isn't the funny one and it's actually me, the person whose attention span is … Continue reading March 2020 Book Roundup

Tis The Season For Unfriending People

I’m not new to this game. In fact, I have been consciously doing this since 2016 (and I think you probably know why). But the recent events gave birth to a whole new level of social media decluttering. As of today, Thursday, 26th of March, at exactly 22:18, I’ve probably unfriended about 20+ people. I’ve … Continue reading Tis The Season For Unfriending People