My April 2020 Roundup—A Lot of Books, And Others

It's been a while since I did an actual roundup. (The one for March does not count cause that one's just mainly about books.) But here I am. I wasn't planning on doing this actually but I already did the featured image for this post and I'd hate for that precious "artwork" to go to … Continue reading My April 2020 Roundup—A Lot of Books, And Others

Netflix Recommendations, Vol. 1: Tagalog Movies

I'm not the biggest fan of Filipino movies. The recipe for most local films has been the same for what feels like centuries. The genre changes, of course, but for every genre, the shit's basically what it was two or three or even five decades ago, save for a few indie films. We have marital … Continue reading Netflix Recommendations, Vol. 1: Tagalog Movies

No Cheers for The Cheerleaders

The Mystery Week on Goodreads ended yesterday (or earlier today, I'm not sure anymore). And my Mystery Week ends today, with this post about The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to squeeze in one more mystery novel before my self-imposed deadline because Sadie was still looming over my head … Continue reading No Cheers for The Cheerleaders

Then She Was Gone was A Surprise

I'm gonna be honest. I'm not really a big fan of British novels, for various reasons. For starters, the "accent" in my head while I'm reading is not pretty. I try to avoid reading it with an accent but since I'm fully aware that they're British, it's a bit hard. Plus, there are instances when … Continue reading Then She Was Gone was A Surprise

Sadie is for ‘The Girls’

Before anything else, Sadie is not your usual mystery, suspense-thriller novel. It's not the kind that's longing for a big reveal. It's basically a true crime but fiction. Although you may not know it at the time yet or maybe you're in denial (just like I was), you already know the ending. Trigger warning. Trigger … Continue reading Sadie is for ‘The Girls’