My Plans After the Quarantine

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I know that I’ve always said that I prefer being in the confines of my own home and I’m more of an introvert (not full on, but I usually am anti-social), but there are instances—although far and few in between—when I want to get out and see people.

While I do dislike socializing with other human beings, I do, however, like to watch people. Not in a creepy way or anything but I just like watching them and thinking about what their life is like and what they’re going through or something. It’s a weird hobby but what can I say.

But now that I’ve been confined in this house for more than a month, I can’t help but feel suffocated. And my only relief now are my books and Netflix and the unending list of what I want to do after this goddamn shitfest is over and done with.

Disclaimer: I know that this post is a very privileged one and that other people are suffering and are going through a hell of a lot more during this pandemic. But I gonna do what I gonna do to keep myself sane, for the sake of my dwindling mental health.

Eat ramen, lots of it.

Before the total lockdown happened here in Manila, the girlfriend and I were planning on eating out. And our choice of food was ramen at YAYOI. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

And although FoodPanda and GrabFood deliveries are still available in our area, the only place that offers ramen is not one that we like all that much. Thankfully, our favorite ramen place started offering deliveries so there’s that, at least. Still, we miss eating out!!!

Get a motherforking massage.

Oh good lord this back of mine has been killing me!!!

We always make it a point to get a full body massage twice a month. But since we’ve been hauled at home for more than a month and we actually didn’t get a massage back in March, I suppose we’re overdue by now.

Go to the mall.

We love spending our time in malls, doing window shopping (sometimes actual shopping) and basically, just being in a space with other people. We don’t like crowded malls, though, so we prefer going on weekdays so there’s less humans.

But bottomline is, we actually love doing it. It’s an easy way for us to unwind since the girlfriend and I are both home-based workers.


Of course, this is the most important one. I haven’t seen the faces of the assholes I call my friends in such a long time and I’m not gonna admit this to their faces but I miss them a lot.

I think this last bit is one I’m most excited about and I can’t wait to hang out with them again.

What are your plans for after this quarantine? I hope that right now, though, you’re washing your hands and keeping yourselves as safe as possible. And remember: being positive is okay but being positive without thinking about those who are less fortunate and not as privileged as you and me is never okay.

5 thoughts on “My Plans After the Quarantine

  1. Omg after quarantine parang ayoko pang lumabas muna hahaha I’m scared! There might be a second wave since people are really eager to go out na pero let’s all pray na wala na and matapos na agad lahat 😦



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