Tis The Season For Unfriending People

I’m not new to this game. In fact, I have been consciously doing this since 2016 (and I think you probably know why). But the recent events gave birth to a whole new level of social media decluttering.

As of today, Thursday, 26th of March, at exactly 22:18, I’ve probably unfriended about 20+ people. I’ve honestly lost count after the first five.

If I’m being extremely candid though, I don’t really care much about 75% of my Facebook friends. I keep most of them because for some reason, I want to be privy to the goings-on in their lives.

Okay, it’s not really for some reason.

I keep them because I’m lowkey a tsismosa and I’m not even gonna deny that. For the record though, I’m not the type who spreads around news (unlike your friendly neighborhood tita who regularly gossips with her amigas). I’m just a tsismosa for myself and myself alone. It’s some case of FOMO, I guess.


The recent COVID-19 events brought about tons of stupidity on my Facebook News Feed that I just basically said screw it and unfriended a bunch of people.

I even went to the extent of either messaging them directly (because why the hell not) or just simply commenting on their incredibly idiotic posts (which on a few occasions, resulted in me getting blocked).

The dumbness level of these people are through the roof lately.

I’m not gonna go through the lengths of explaining the current situation here in the Philippines—more specifically, Metro Manila. I’m gonna let you research that on your own.

But the bottomline is, the government is doing a pretty crappy job at dealing with this whole coronavirus situation. It’s a fucking pandemic for crying out loud and practically the entire world is in shambles but our government is being its usual incompetent and moronic selves.

So I’ve unfriended stupid people who still chose to blindly believe this administration.

Not because they do not share the same stands as I do. But mainly because they’re parading their idiocy in a public platform. And they don’t even want to be educated or to actually educate themselves. It’s like they want to die stupid and they’ll happily spread it around if they can.

I don’t need that shit in my life right now.

It’s one thing to have a political stand and to believe in a certain politician through and through but to still stand by this person even if he’s clearly showing so much incompetency? Even if he’s doing less (sometimes not even anything at all) than what’s expected of him as a fucking part of this administration?

Now, that is something I cannot and will not forgive.

One thing’s for sure, the recent events just proved this (photo below) and that this entire country is turning out to be a fucking shit show.

7 thoughts on “Tis The Season For Unfriending People

  1. What to expect from someone who gets emergency powers and the next first thing he addresses is issuing jailtime for fake news (without much a valid criteria of what is fake news) in the time of a pandemic. Baka any criticism. That is the utmost concern. Great plan.

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    1. Ugh, jackass doesn’t even have a concrete plan. Hanggang ngayon!!!! And this comment was made 4 days ago, may 2 presscons ng nangyari since and still, wala pa rin. I’m just so tired.



    Too many idiots running around in my feed, too. And while I’m the type who doesn’t want political difference to get in the way of friendship as much as possible (I used to be a DDS and grateful for my non-DDS friends who stuck around), I must say ibang level ang kabobohan ng mga tao ngayon juskooooo.

    Also sabi na nakakasipag pag may bagong domain eh hahahaha but i’m still proud of ya sisterrr

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    1. Sabi ko nga sa more recent post ko sa FB, political differences are entirely different for me and I cannot stand it when people say that politics should not not get in the way of friendships. Hahahaha pero alam mo naman na yun. Also, oo nga e. In fairness. Hahahaha thank you!!!!



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