Resist Together

Last Saturday, we went out and took to the streets our fight for equality and other fundamental and societal rights as human beings. Amidst the continuous rain fall and basically bad weather, we still braved the unfortunate conditions to make our voices heard.

This year’s Metro Manila Pride March was definitely one for the books for me, personally.

There was a moment (and I swear this is what it felt it like) when I was in the middle of the crowd and the rain was still pouring and I was just looking at all of them and it was like a slow-mo moment in television/movies. 

I was teary-eyed just looking at everyone. They were all happy, colorful, and so full of life and I wish they – we – didn’t have to struggle with equality and basic human rights.

But after that incredible moment, I was snapped back to reality and for a second, a saddening thought came to me: worst Pride ever. But then I realized that I didn’t come there to enjoy myself and to have fun; I came there to protest and to fight for our equality. I can be inconvenienced for just a few hours as long as my voice and the voices of the 70,000 other people who went there are heard.

I’m glad that I got to experience Pride again for the 5th time. The past three years, though, were the absolute best because I was with the people who are closest and dearest to my heart. We may not have been able to take part in the actual parade due to some circumstances (a minor stampede, among many others) but my friends and I still definitely had the time of our lives.

To my LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters, let’s all prove to the world that we cannot be erased and that our human rights are not optional.

The Pride Month may be officially over but we’re not done; we’re here and we will Resist Together.

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