I know it’s the 16th of February already (well, 17th if we’re being technical) but whatever.

The girlfriend and I are not big on celebrating shit. We don’t even celebrate our own anniversary (LOL). But we did kind of celebrate Valentine’s two days ago. We went to Ohayo Ramen Bar in Maginhawa cause hey, it’s ramen. Although we already have our go-to place for getting our ramen fix, there’s no harm in giving another place a try.

Their Tonkotsu Ramen was amazing!

Then we stopped by at a nearby coffee shop (that I forget the name of) to grab a cup of hot coffee.

After that, we walked all the way to the UP Sunken Garden to meet up with our friends for the UP Fair. Yes, we walked all the way from Maginhawa to the Sunken Garden. If you’re familiar with the area, then you can just imagine how fucked up our legs have felt after.

We didn’t actually go into the fair area; we just stayed in the grass area outside because your girl hates crowded places. But it’s all good cause we got to enjoy some amazing street food courtesy of the numerous vendors outside. And we still got to listen to the bands (the amazing Franco, y’all!).

We originally planned on getting a massage after the UP Fair but we were shit out of luck cause hours passed and we still couldn’t book a Grab Car or an Angkas rider.

There also weren’t any jeepneys bound to Katipunan so we ended up just roaming the dark streets of UP Diliman. Good thing that we saw our friends again and they were, at the time, just waiting for their Grab driver. And of course, at that point, all the Katipunan jeepneys started showing up. And we’re just like: WHERE WERE THESE FUCKERS TWO HOURS AGO????

So, no massage for us. But as our last stop for the night, we hit Cubao to stock up on our favorites from Pan de Manila and to grab a late-night dinner at Burger King.

It was all good. Not too shabby for our third Valentine’s together.

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s

  1. Perfect way to spend Valentines. I’m not a fan of big gestures kaya type na type ko yung trip niyo! (ps happy you’re back kasi namiss kita T_T)


  2. I’m not big on celebrating Valentine’s either. I look forward to February because of The Best Friend’s birthday 😂
    That ramen looks so good, it made me crave!



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