My April 2018 Roundup – The Challenge Ends; Plus Highlights, & More

Alas, the end of yet another month is here. Where has time been flying off to these days? I don’t understand how it could by May already when in my head, it’s still January (that seemingly never-ending month just would not quit)??

Plus, I can’t believe it’s yet another Monday. This adulting life just would not quit on me. But okay, I’ve some things to be thankful and happy about and for this April so there’s at least that to boot.

30 Day Writing Challenge


I really didn’t think I was gonna make it through. After posting every single weekday last March, I was at first confident that I have more in me that the challenge would basically be a piece of cake.

Then halfway through the month, I was becoming more and more worn out that I was just really having a hard time writing. Sure I have a lot of ideas but it’s the actual coming up of a post that’s screwing with me.

But I managed my way through it so I’m super proud of myself for having done that. Plus the fact that I actually had a published post for every single day this month is definitely something.

When I first did this challenge, I just wrote — regardless if it’s a single paragraph of whatever random thought I have on that day or a poem or whatever. But this time, it was really an entire post and YAY ME.

Books & Movies

I’m not proud of my reading this month since I only got to finish 6 books (edit: 7 books; the last one I finished a few minutes after this post was published) — a lot less than in the past months — but I’m happy that I got to watch 20 movies. Although, 11 of those are movies that I’ve already watched before. It still counts, though, right?

Favorites —

TV Shows

Because I signed up on Netflix this month, I also got to watch quite a few new shows. I was hoping to watch more than I did but, I don’t know, there just wasn’t a lot of time. Plus, I was too busy binge-watching Friendsagain, for what seems like the billionth time.

Favorites —


I got a bunch of new ColourPop lipsticks this month but the ones I ended up liking he most were the Matte X Lippie Stix. In fact, I’m gonna be purchasing more this May so god bless my wallet.


Ah, The Great Ramen Quest continues this month and the girlfriend and I may have found our go-to ramen place that’s a mere 5-minute walk from where we live.

We’re still on this quest and there’s still this newly-opened place here in Marikina that we’re dying to try out. And we’ll probably do so later today so let’s see how that goes.


You probably know how I got this month and how my mental health just went down the drain but I’m feeling a lot better now — thanks to everyone’s encouragements and kind words. Hopefully, May would be a lot better for me and my senses.

I cannot wait for May to start. I’m really in love with the my Bullet Journal setup for next month, plus, I’m gonna be getting my new notebook for the 2nd half of the year so I’m excited about setting that one up.

I’m also getting another notebook (grid-lined instead of the usual dotted) to track all my expenses, bills, and to help me with my Money Diaries posts. And you know me, I’m a junkie and quite the sucker for journals so that got me all psyched up.

Let me just take a bow and thank you all for the support while I yank practically every single brain cell that I have to complete this challenge. Really, thank you.

DAY 30/30 → #30DaysOfWriting challenge for the entire month of April. Also, check out the first time I took part in this challenge.

7 thoughts on “My April 2018 Roundup – The Challenge Ends; Plus Highlights, & More

  1. I think I’ve read half of your month’s blog posts and I witnessed how you cope up and fought your mental health issue. I’m proud of how you overcame all of those and still managed to finish your challenge. Congratulations! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person


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