A Social-Media-Challenged Millennial

I was born in the early ’90s; am currently in my 20s; and have an account on basically every social media platform out there. By definition, I’m a millennial through and through. However, if there’s one thing about being a millennial that I can’t fully grasp is, well, social media.

Yes, despite the fact that I have a Facebook account, an Instagram account, a Twitter account, a Tumblr account, a Pinterest account, a Snapchat account (and many other else), I still have a hard time wrapping my head around this media platform.

Why I have an account on each of them is a question that I do not have an answer to.

When I signed up on Facebook back in 2007, it was just, for me, a thing to do because I saw some of my friends had it and I thought that I had to have it. Friendster was no longer fun for me then, and a change might be good for my senses.

Twitter then became a trend so in 2009, I joined the bandwagon and even though I’ve had the account for almost a decade, I’ve only ever tweeted 8,460 times which is a lot less than most of my peers.

Then in 2012, I signed up on Instagram and started taking photos of whatever so that I can have something to post. It was fun for a while — taking photos, editing them to make them look ~aesthetically~ pleasing, putting notes on top, and voila! — but it ended up being more tedious than I have anticipated.

Now, I just couldn’t keep up with any of them. Most of my accounts exist for convenience — there for the sake of being there, just in case I happen to need them for something some time in the future.

While Facebook is a different story altogether, I mostly just use it to be updated on the current events and well, on my friends’ lives. It also just practically exists as a way for me to communicate with people.

The rest are accounts that I don’t really care much about.

Yesterday, I was looking through my Instagram account and my profile and was wondering how other people just make it so damn easy to post every single day. Some even go through the extent of editing each and one of them to aesthetics perfection. Then there are the others who use Instagram stories as an alternative to Facebook statuses because apparently, simply typing out what you’re doing/eating is just too mainstream.

Maybe I’m not actually a millennial. Or maybe I’m just tired of this social media fad altogether.

Either way, I know one thing’s for sure — I would never make a career out of being a social media influencer and my chances of being a professional blogger is basically slim to none.

DAY 4/30 → #30DaysOfWriting challenge for the entire month of April. Also, check out the first time I took part in this challenge.

15 thoughts on “A Social-Media-Challenged Millennial

  1. I would like to share with you my experience with social media. I was once that kind of millenial, from Friendster to Multiply to Plurk then came Twitter, IG, and FB lol name it. But 2018 came and I completely quit everything except Facebook (because it’s the only one I find useful), I finally deleted my Twitter and IG. I feel more free.

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    1. I find the others still useful but not enough to push me into updating them every single day (for some, even more than once a day).


  2. You know, if I am working for Fully Booked or some other bookstore, I will definitely be getting you as a partner influencer. Tag the bookshops where you get your books! ❤

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    1. Hahahaha NBS and Fully Booked all the way, guuurl! Pero I sometimes buy from Book Sale stores at Bookay-Ukay pag may natyempuhan akong maganda. :p And thank you! I would love to promote bookstores (kaso I don’t think they need any more promotions hahaha).


  3. Agree, agree, and agree! It’s so hard to keep up! Why can’t we go back to the rock ages where people actually talked instead of learning something new about them through statuses/posts/updates. Some of my friends don’t even know I got married because I didn’t post it online. LOL. I find it funny.

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    1. DIBAAAAA! Isa sa mga biggest pet peeves ko yan and my friends know it. Kaya pag magkakasama kami, no cellphones allowed. Pag nakapagpicture and nakapagpost na sila, hands off na sa phones kasi gusto ko naguusap kami.

      And wow. Some friends! Ganun ganun nalang ata talaga ang way to be “updated”. Jusko, mano man lang magtanong, gurl! Di baaaaa.

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  4. some ppl still get surprised when I say I don’t have Facebook. Hahaha! Twitter is the only social media platform that I care abt mostly because it’s a haven for fangirls. Other accts are just there for my blog. All my other personal accts are set on private now and I don’t use them that much.

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    1. Woah really??? Para sakin kasi FB is the easiest way to get updated sa current events kaya I still keep it around. I don’t care much about Twitter, tbh. Hahaha

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      1. Hahahahaha FB kasi is too personal for me dami din mapagpanggap sa life ganern lol ah sa Twitter kasi nakikita ko agad ung nagttrend kaya siya naman convenient sa akin 😀 Social media talaga phew


  5. I don’t use FB as much as I use Twitter, IG and WP. As for the aesthetically pleasing feed on IG, as per experience I have my own preset saved in VSCO and I’m tweaking just a little from that preset depending on the image. I also have stock images of previous trips, etc which makes posting everyday easier.

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    1. I have my own preferred preset on VSCO, too, but the thing with IG is, I just don’t have the energy to take photos not unless I want to blog about it. Kaya laging nganga. 😦



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