What’s New, Vol. 6: Holiday Season Haul

Let’s end this year with another haul post as I share with you everything that I got this season. These aren’t this holiday season’s new releases or limited edition collections. These are just products that I happen to have purchased this time of the year because fucking Black Friday sale that I just could not seem to resist.

I mostly got the products from a single brand, but hey, a deal’s a deal and for makeup addicts such as myself, such low prices are just simply hard to not take advantage of. What actually irks me is not getting more than just these!

(Hay self, you seriously need more willpower and control — and maybe a leash as well while we’re at it!)

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Let’s kick this haul post off with the one pre-loved product that I got in early November — the The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick minis set that I got from Rae in one of her de-stashing moments.

There are a total of 6 minis in this set but I’ve so far only tried two. I immediately fell in love with them, though, but I need to do a few more wear tests before I can actually post a review so just hang tight for that. One thing’s for sure, I’m definitely getting my hands on the full-size tube of Committed some time soon.

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Moving on to the two items that I’ve had on my wishlist since the second quarter of 2017: The Ordinary’s Glycolic Toning Solution and of course, the infamous Serum Foundation (in the shade 2.1Y).

I know I’ve stopped using foundation for about six months now but when the opportunity to get my hands on this foundation for a fraction of how much most local resellers are selling it for, I just couldn’t help it. And, well, I went back to once again applying foundation on my face.

I haven’t been using the toner that much yet but the foundation is one that I’ve been applying daily for the past month and I actually already have my review of it sitting in my Drafts folders. I’m just waiting for my laziness to take photos to die down so I can finally post the damn review of it on here.

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Now lastly, the biggest brand haul that I’ve made on just a single purchase. Say hello to all my new ELF products! I know these aren’t a lot but it’s definitely a first for me to have bought these many items from a single brand in just one purchase (yup, be redundant).

I got a whole lot — eyes, lips, and face cosmetics! And believe it or not, I spent less than PHP1,500 on all these because thank god for 50% off during their Black Friday Sale!

I’m not going to go into detail of every single item that I got but we have here a concealer, a setting powder, brow products, a bunch of highlighters (two of which can be used as a blush as well), and of course, lip products.

PHEW! I’m quitting makeup for the next 3 months — as in I won’t be purchasing any more new items (except for the ones I already ordered a few days ago… tangina).

Anyway… HAVE A HAPPY 2018, EVERYONE! I wish everyone happiness in the coming year.

7 thoughts on “What’s New, Vol. 6: Holiday Season Haul

  1. I think it’s so funny that Black Friday has spread world wide now.
    I’ve always wanted to haul off the ELF site! You get such a bang for your buck!
    At last not every single thing you got was lip products! 😉
    Enjoy all your goodies. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t understand why our local stores celebrate Black Friday anyway. I don’t even know if they know what Black Friday is. Hahahaha. You definitely should! Almost every item that I got here are amazing! And yes, not much lip products. I’m trying out other stuff, too. Hahaha. Thank youuu!



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