What’s New, Vol. 5: ColourPop Haul

Back in August, my cousin sent me a message, asking me if I wanted to get anything from ColourPop. She was going to take advantage of the free global shipping for purchases worth over $50 but didn’t want to spend the entire amount on herself as that’s going to be pretty ex-pain-sive given the current Philippine Peso to US Dollar exchange rate.

Of course, the makeup addict in me just could not find the will power to resist such a tempting offer so I immediately scoured the ColourPop website and ended up with 6 items that I’ve been eyeing for a while.

I’m not going to talk about in detail the actual experience in ordering directly from the site but I will say this: it’s a hell of a lot cheaper ordering directly than from local resellers. However, wait time’s a bitch if you’re not patient enough. Other than that, I’m pretty satisfied. Besides, spending just PHP,1800~ on 6 ColourPop items is a steal—seriously.

So on to the products that I got:

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No Filter Concealer in Medium and Medium Tan

The most coveted and controversial release of ColourPop this year—of course, I’m not going to pass up on it!

I had a really weird experience with this one but I’ll save that story for my review of this product—which will be up this month, I promise!

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Brow Boss Pencil in Dark Brown

I already tried the Precision Brow Pencil before but while that was great, I was disappointed with how much product there was on it so I didn’t bother with repurchasing.

I took a chance with this new release but it’s smaller than the Precision Brow so I’m not expecting too much.

Brow Boss Gel

I have a really stubborn and annoying right (yup, just the right one as the left one is pretty much well-behaved) brow hairs so I desperately needed something to keep them from going astray.

I wanted to get my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel as the reviews of that were nothing short of astounding but since the price is out of my reach at the moment, I had to settle for a cheaper alternative and got myself this instead.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 prese

Ultra Matte Lip in Sunday and Times Square

And of course, what’s a ColourPop haul without at least one lip product.

My UML wishlist is growing by the minute so it was extremely difficult to pick out the shade that I wanted to get my hands on first. But since I’ve been on a nude/MLBB phase for the past year (or so), that narrowed the selection a little.

Give me a virtual pat on the back for not getting anything more than these. I already spent $35 and while that may not be much, if converted to the Philippine Peso, that’s actually expensive already.

But nah, all in the name of makeup, I say! On my next purchase, a hell of a lot more liquid lips and new Super Shock Cheeks are coming my way!

And oh, throw in that Precision Brow Colour as well.

13 thoughts on “What’s New, Vol. 5: ColourPop Haul

  1. I have heard some great reviews for the concealer. I hope it is working good on you too. I think compared to other American makeup brand, Colourpop is not expansive, but yea currency and shipping. I really like their eyeshadow but I don’t have enough eyes to use them XD

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    1. I’ll be posting a review of it soon. I’m already halfway done with the draft :p It definitely is an affordable brand but with the exchange rate + customs + taxes, it comes out to a little bit on the expensive side here in the PH.

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