A Trip to My Childhood with Raven’s Home

I’m a proud 90s Nickelodeon and Disney kid. I remember sitting in front of our TV and drowning myself in all those good ol’ shows like Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, Kim Possible, Recess, Hey Arnold, and As Told by Ginger.

I’ve to say, they’re all simply unbeatable now and the lot of the kid’s show that we have in this decade are just meh and wtf to say the least.

One of my most favorite shows back then (and until now, actually) is That’s So Raven. So when I found out some time last year that a Raven-all-grown-up, spin-off show will be released this year???? Well, you could just imagine the excitement that I felt!


To be honest, though, my expectation wasn’t really that high. I knew it was going to suck at some point but still, I was ecstatic. It was like that feeling that I had when I found out about Girl Meets World (this one sucked but it took me back to a lot of fond memories).

The show has so far released 9 episodes and I’ve already watched all of them and I must say, they’re all pretty good. Of course, they’re not as amazing and as funny as the original That’s So Raven but I sure as hell am glad to see that Raven ended up marrying Devon Carter. Unfortunately, they’re now divorced, but still!


They could have done a lot better with their casting for the kids (except Levi – Chelsea’s kid) but so far, so good. I would love to see Eddie, Victor, Tanya, and of course, Cory make an appearance so here’s to hoping!

Raven’s Home is definitely one show to look out for if you’re a 90s kid like me or if you just love That’s So Raven.

P.S. I know today’s not a Sunday but I’m trying to keep up with blogging. I know I’ve been a little behind but I’ve been catching up on a lot of the TV series that I used to follow religiously and I’ve been doing a lot of reading, too. So a lot of other hobbies have taken over. Lol. I promise, I’ll be better at juggling my shit.

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