This Country is So Hopeless, It’s Driving Me Crazy

Day 26/30 → Oh what do you know, our high and mighty president is making rounds on social media and the current events scene once again. And if you’re Filipino, you’ve probably guessed it right: it’s because of his filthy mouth and lack of common decency.

I can’t even say I’m surprised because this is not the first time he has run his mouth like a fucking idiot. I actually, honestly wanted to laugh at the whole thing but I just can’t be like that. No matter how hard I try, I can’t simply be apathetic or laugh things off like everything’s a joke.

Just so you all have an idea, we have our very own Trump running our country.


Now in case you’re wondering, here’s what he said:

“What I don’t like are kids [being raped]. You can mess with, maybe Miss Universe. Maybe I will even congratulate you for the balls to rape somebody when you know you are going to die,” for your crime, he said on Friday, implying the rapist would be lynched. Al Jazeera

I actually understand what and where he’s getting at. I know what he means. BUT… As a president, he could have said it better. As a president, he could have worded his statement better. As a president, he could have been more professional.

But no, he’s as crass and as ignorant as one can get. And that’s definitely unbecoming for a person who’s supposed to be a leader; who’s supposed to be a good example; who’s supposed to represent an entire nation.

He doesn’t listen, though. He thinks so highly of himself that he has this mindset that he shouldn’t answer to anyone or he shouldn’t change his ways in spite of the fact that he runs an entire country now (he was a mayor for 16+ years and the people in that city are perfectly okay with how he works/talks).

What’s worse is that there are millions of people who are “die-hard” and are blind supporters of his. They would go through hell and beyond just to defend him and they would gladly take a bullet for him no matter what. It’s terribly sickening, to be honest. Not to mention insanely pathetic.

It really is a joke, isn’t it? / Source

Day 27/30 → Here’s yet again another reason why this country is going absolutely downhill. Above is the statement released by this country’s Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). Loosely translated:

There is a need to regulate Uber and Grab to make them as safe as the already-existing public utility vehicles that we have like taxis, buses, and jeepneys.

According to their tiny minds, Uber and Grab are considered lesser safe (could you believe this?????) than other PUVs available in this country. They have got to be fucking kidding, right? But no, they’re not. If you are a Filipino and/or have lived and commuted in Metro Manila for at least a month, you’d understand how much of a joke that statement truly is.

Case in point: this post that I published last month; this post that talked about the taxi service here in the Philippines. 

These government officials are those people who have not commuted a day in their lives here in Metro Manila because they refuse to let go of their privileged asses. If they have commuted, it was most likely decades ago and back when things were a hell of a lot easier.

This just means that they don’t understand what it’s like living in our shoes; they don’t understand how difficult it is for us to go to and from places. And the one convenient public transportation that the universe blessed us with, they choose to take away (despite the massive public outcry) because of what????

Then I found out that some of these LTFRB workers are actually operators of taxis, jeepneys, and buses which is why they hate the existence of Uber and Grab as it means lesser income for their stupid asses. This is also the reason why they’re so adamant on getting rid of what is, by far, the best thing that has ever happened to daily commuters.

We constantly yearn and cry our hearts out for it but when change, even when it’s for the better, come our way, we just hold up our hands and say no. And for what reason? I really would never understand.

Putangina, these people are hopeless. Our government is hopeless. Our entire country is fucking hopeless.


Day 28/30 → On a completely different note from the ranting that filled this post, I managed to dig up this 5-year-old photo and decided to use it as my Header Image for this blog and cover photo for my Facebook page.

Believe it or not, this was actually a “stolen” shot. I was smoking and then he–my friend, the photographer–asked me to turn to his direction and this happened.

I personally like selfies but I don’t like being in front of the camera when the person behind is a professional photographer. I always feel so self-conscious. But I do like how this photo turned out.

Featured image from Bulatlat, illustration by Renan Ortiz.

9 thoughts on “This Country is So Hopeless, It’s Driving Me Crazy

  1. I like to believe that this country has hope. But not in our generation.
    The Millenials and the Gen Z are not the most responsible people but they tend to have these grandiose ideas of basically trying to set things right. They tend to care about gender equality, animal welfare, the environment, fighting bigotry, etc., which is a good side effect of the internet and pop culture. I like to think that something will spring good from this kind of idealism.


    1. I like to believe that this country has hope too, emphasis on like as just basing solely on what I see currently, we’re not really getting anywhere. There are two types of people in our generation: those who wants to make everything right but are too fucking lazy or too fucking rich and comfortable with their own lives to do anything and those who are poor/lower class but can’t really be bothered about doing anything because worrying about money is first in priority.

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  2. Oh, Duterte does represent our nation all right—just not our decent side. And he is a good model: for the seeming majority who doesn’t mind having a taboo-breaking, swashbuckling rockstar at the helm of the government. That’s what happens when the people doesn’t understand the concept of institutions; when they confuse politics as just another showbiz theater, when they look at the government as a source of entertainment just as much as it is a source of public goods.

    But to give credit where credit is due: Duterte has a few good ideas, and he is following up on them. So far he has shown that he knows how to run the economy (mostly by delegating it to people who actually know what they’re doing, e.g. Espenilla as the BSP chief), and the business sector is practical enough to differentiate between the political circus and the economic/business sector, the latter of which remains decent and quite unaffected by Duterte’s scandalous mouth. On national development: he is finally dumping national funds at much-needed infrastructure projects, something even the Inquirer is optimistic about. He recognizes the imperialism of Manila, and understands the necessity of countryside development. I guess we really needed to have a Mindanaoan president just to have that.

    Though I think you know this already. 🙂

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    1. He has done a lot for our country so far, that’s for sure. I just really, *seriously* do not appreciate the way he addresses things – incredibly undiplomatic and unbecoming for a nation’s leader.

      And yes, that’s why Filipinos are gaga over teleseryes. We love entertainment. The problem is, we can’t even put a fine line between showbiz and politics.

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  3. Ganda ng picture! ❤ Please don't say our country is hopeless. I would like to think that even if Duterte is not the best speaker in the world, his intentions are good.That is what I sincerely believe and hope for. As for the Uber/Grab issue, I hate to say it but those services aren't that safe as well. I had an issue with my Uber driver where his car and plate number were different from the one displayed in the app. Good thing I wasn't alone and didn't hesitate to ride. But what if I was alone and something bad happened to me? I'd like to think that the LTFRB is just trying to regulate the two companies (which is basically their job). 😛

    Maybe it's the optimist in me that can say all of these things. I'm just trying to see the other side of the coin and hope for a better tomorrow. Because if I can't see a better tomorrow here, maybe we should all just leave.

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    1. I’m not saying that Uber and Grab are the safest PUVs in the world. Of course, not. But the audacity of LTFRB to even say that it’s NOT AS SAFE AS our already-existing PUVs is what irks me the most.

      It is a hell of a lot safer than taxis, buses, and jeepneys. That’s for sure. For sure you don’t expect every single taxi to be a scam or to be declining passengers? For sure you don’t expect every jeepney and bus to be an idiot in the streets? For sure you don’t expect MRTs and LRTs to break down every single time you ride them? Right? But in comparison to all those, Uber and Grab would be the better option.

      As an actual daily commuter, I don’t have the privilege of having a car to fall back on when I’m feeling too lazy to deal with the commuting situation of our country. So I deal with our PUVs. And I deal with them every single day of my existence. If I want convenience, I book Uber or Grab. Since I work graveyard shifts, if I want to feel a little bit safer at night, I book Uber or Grab. I’ve been held up in public one too many times. I’ve experienced someone dying in front of me because she was held up in a jeepney and the asshole took it upon him to take not only her belongings, but her life as well.
      So yes, out of every single fucked-up PUV that we have, Uber and Grab are the safest. It’s not 100% safe as there are still asshole drivers out there. But compared to the other options?????

      As for the LTFRB, well, it is their job. But they’re doing a very shitty job at it. Imagine asking Grab and Uber to pay PHP5M each because they were driving without permits but it was the LTFRB in the first place that delays their permits? We have a taxi. We own a taxi. Our drivers have been stopped a few times (when we were waiting for the permits to be renewed) and when the officer asked for a permit and our driver said that it’s still in process, the officer understood, because that’s how it is here in the PH. They know that. And yet when it’s Grab and Uber that’s under the same situation, biglang may multa???? Asaan ang pagiging fair???

      I’m all for them doing their job, but they have to do it right. And they have to do it without any biases. They’re being paid by multiple taxi operators. We all know that. Bayaran sila that’s why they’re in favor of them. Grab and Uber wishes to follow the law to the T so these LTFRB people can’t get a single cent out of them. So this is what they do. And that is fucked up.

      I’m optimistic when there’s a need to be. In this case, I’m being realistic. We have been yearning for a better country for DECADES. And still, here we are, getting worse by the day. It happened one time (under Marcos) but it came with a price – our freedom.

      As for Duterte, like I mentioned, I understood where and what he’s going at everytime he opens his filthy mouth. But emphasis on FILTHY MOUTH – he shouldn’t have this. As a president, he should have proper decorum. As a president, he should be better than just a person with a filthy mouth.

      “So hopeless” – 50% expression like oh boy she’s hopeless and 50% I actually believe this country is hopeless.



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