My First Aloe Vera Experience featuring Dearberry

My former moisturizer and I were together for almost two years. Then I realized that she was no longer worthy of my time and that I deserve better. So I let her go, and off to the trash bin she went (figuratively as I still actually have it in my stash).

But before truly disposing her, I needed to find a replacement first. I checked blogs and YouTube channels. I scoured Instagram and other beauty forums. Then I concluded that my best bet would be an aloe vera moisturizer.

Everyone kept raving about Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera Soothing Gel so I went looking for that first. Unfortunately, it was out of stock at BeautyMNL at the time and I didn’t bother checking where else it was available because I already saw this much cheaper one — Dearberry Coco Vera Soothing Gel.

I’ve never heard of the Dearberry brand before. And I’ve never tried any aloe vera product before, either. So really, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I purchased this last May, hoping that it would soothe my skin from the burning PH summer heat. After all, a lot of people have referred to aloe vera as a refreshing and cooling ingredient.

Unfortunately, I felt none of those. I didn’t feel soothed. I didn’t feel refreshed. I didn’t feel cooled. All I ever got out of this product are pimples.

A grand total of just three uses and already I was left with about 10 tiny zits on my face (shut up, I actually counted). I didn’t give it any more than just three tries for fear of incurring a lot more.

And yes, I know for sure that it wasn’t any other product that caused the breakout as this was, at the time, the only new product that I tried on my face. In its defense, though, I probably was just having a reaction to the aloe vera extract (hopefully not) or any other one or more of the ingredients and not necessarily on this product as a whole.

So, it still may work on other people (caution: try at your own risk). As for me, I’m better off using this on the really dry parts of my body (elbows, knees, etc.) instead. It’s a good thing that this didn’t break the bank as I would have been really devastated and annoyed otherwise.

Another good thing about this, aside from the price, is how big the tub is and how a little amount goes a long way. Thumbs up for practicality. It’s just too bad that 1) it broke me out and 2) it contains TEA. If you are not wary of that harmful ingredient and you don’t have super sensitive skin, you could probably still give this a shot.

BeautyMNL for PHP280 (regular price). This product is usually on sale, though.

3 thoughts on “My First Aloe Vera Experience featuring Dearberry

    1. Korean cosmetics are so well-known for their cute packaging. Haha. And yes, I was hoping it would be good too. Too bad that it just broke me out. 😦

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