Body Shaming Every-freaking-where

Day 25/30 → Most people think that body shaming only affects people who are fat (meant as a fact, not as an insult). Apparently, these people think that only larger-sized human beings fall victim to the heartless people who body shame and that they are the only ones who have feelings.

I’ve gotten used to people’s jokes. I’ve formed some form of imperviousness over remarks like

“you look like a fucking skeleton with a little bit of skin”
or “you should eat more/do you still eat???”
or “you look like a wall/surf board (since I have neither boobs nor an ass)”

in a sense that I rarely get affected. And I usually just give some witty response to people who do say these things to me.

But then at the end of the day, when I’m all alone in my room, looking at myself in the mirror, I can’t help but wonder. I wonder what it would be like if I were just a tiny bit bigger/fatter. I wonder what it would be like if I just had bigger boobs or a larger ass. I wonder what it would be like if people don’t see me as if I’m a fucking bamboo shoot or a pole.

I brush those thoughts off quickly. I don’t want to get sucked in that state where all I could think about is my body and how fucking imperfect it is because duh, nobody has a perfect body. We all have at least one flaw and imperfection—no matter how minute it/they may be.

I’m not dismissing the feelings of those who are on the fatter (again, meant as a fact, not as an insult) side of the scale but just so everyone’s aware, skinny people have feelings, too.

Wait. You know what, scratch that, WE ALL HAVE FEELINGS—regardless of size and weight and whatever else.

Why can’t we all just mind our own businesses and not continuously annoy and hurt and offend people with our insensitive comments? I may have thicker skin so I can easily brush off stupid remarks like what I mentioned above and take them all as jokes. But some people aren’t like me; some people are much, much more sensitive and would not take these “jokes” as lightly as I would.

So let’s all just stop and take a good, hard look at ourselves first before opening our mouths.

Also, not that I owe anyone an explanation but I actually do eat—a lot. It’s just that I have a seriously fast metabolism which means I don’t retain more than 60% of what I eat (this basically means I poop a lot). As a result, I don’t gain as much weight as other people regardless of how much and how many times I eat on a daily basis.

(And no, idiots, I’m not on fucking drugs and I don’t have any eating disorder. You need to get yourselves in check, seriously.)

9 thoughts on “Body Shaming Every-freaking-where

  1. This is a great post. When I was skinny, people were telling me “ang payat payat mo” “kumain ka naman” “buto’t balat”, so I tried hard to gain weight and then everyone’s saying “ang baboy mo na” (baboy na agaddd?) or “are you pregnant?!” “nagpipills ka ba?, nakakataba yun db?” I know how frustrating it is, pero now I learned how not to give a fuck (but I haven’t learned how to raise eyebrows lol)

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    1. I was browsing my old posts and oh my god, I can’t believe na ngayon ko lang to nakita!! 😥 Wow, almost 3 months after. Nakakaloka. Anyway, di baaaaa! I don’t understand people. As in sala sa lamig, sala sa init. Minsan di mo nalang alam saan ka lulugar. Kaya ganyan din ako, I learned how to not give a fuck kasi once you do, you won’t stop and you would end up constantly thinking about it.


  2. Hi bktrya. Sorry to randomly leave a comment but I think people who bodyshame others have self-loathing issues.

    I remember when I brushed into a batch mate at some mall, a few months after giving birth to my second child. Having not seen her for quite a time, I was excited to talk with her (bcos I was bored as fuck due to being jobless for more than a year). I was sincerely interested in what she was saying until she started to redirect the conversation to how in the hell am I still not fat. Meron pang nagdiet pills ka ba? Bakit ang bilis? Yung alam mo na hindi eto yung “I am happy for you comment.” She sounded bitter, which made me feel bad about myself during that time. Anyway. We don’t need them.


    1. Hey, Kim. Nah, it’s fine. I love comments. :p

      Hahahaha sometimes I just want to laugh at people’s comments but there’s this side of me that’s just aching to fucking slap their senses back. Pero infairness, you’re one of the lucky ones (I suppose). Some moms would kill to have that type of body. 🙂

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