MKNA Food Adventure @ Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi Stand

I have been craving and drooling for some sushi for a good week and a half. Plus, I have been meaning to try this infamous Wagyu beef that I have seen all over the Internet.

So naturally, when I saw this viral post on Facebook about a 99-peso Wagyu beef, I immediately went berserk! Like, come on! We all know how fucking expensive Japanese Wagyu beefs are, and to be able to get it, albeit just a stick, for just 99 pesos??? Well, well, well. Break me off a dozen sticks of those babies!

I opened the page of the place, checked for their branches and hallelujah for they have one right here in Marikina; Lilac St. is a haven for a lot of foodies, I swear to you!


The girlfriend and I were supposed to drop by last Saturday but since we were too tired from walking around Greenhills for the better part of the day and we already ate at Tokyo Tokyo, anyway, we thought we’d do it on Sunday. But of course, Sunday went and passed and we were too lazy because of the bed weather, so we ended up going there last Monday, after we had our baby dog vaccinated.

Okay, first of all, I just want to commend the cleverness and wittiness of the owner(s) of this place (or whoever came up with the name). I love that they played with the words “take home” and made it sound so Japanese.


Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi Stand is such a cleverly put together name for a Japanese place. I approve!

And because I think the place was initially intended for take-out/take home orders (since it was also referred to as just a stand), their place isn’t that big. Their Lilac branch could fit just around 6-8 diners. But despite that, I still find the interior really cool and home-y.

Now, let’s get on to the food that we’ve tried so far.


Everybody loves California Maki (curse you if you don’t) so we bought the 8-pc box of that one for 99php. It isn’t a bad price point; pretty cheap, actually. The taste, though, is just okay. The girlfriend and I thought of the same thing which is that Tokyo Tokyo’s California Maki (which we had last Saturday) was better.

While I do prefer the rice on this as it’s much stickier, the mayonnaise that they put on top just made every bite “nakakaumay”. But I’m not saying that they taste bad, it’s just that there are others that taste a lot better.


Of course, we also ordered their Japanese Wagyu beef sticks for 99php each (additional of 25php for the mozzarella cheese on top).

If you’re at least 75% active on Facebook, then you’d probably seen photos or videos of these infamous beef from Japan that’s apparently the best, the most delicious, and of course, the most expensive as well.

So like I said, when I saw that Ta Ke Ho Me sells these for just 99php, I went gaga! I have been meaning to taste this supposedly best-tasting beef in the world ever since I first found out about it but I’m simply too broke for the very steep price.

These are tiny; about 3 inches, I think.

I’m going to be straight up here and just say that this Japanese Wagyu beef taste blah and meh. They’re so bland that I actually think that without the add-on mozzarella cheese, they wouldn’t taste anything at all.

Plus, they’re too oily (take note, they’re not juicy, they’re fucking oily—there’s a difference)!

But since they’re selling it for such a low price, I think that these aren’t 100% pure Wagyu beef. If that’s the case, though, Ta Ke Ho Me should put out a disclaimer. But if these are indeed 100% Wagyu, then cheesaskrayst, I don’t understand what the fucking fuss around these beefs are about since they don’t even taste that special!

They don’t have the Wagyu listed here yet as I think it’s a new addition to their menu.

Well, I think you already know this, but I wasn’t all that impressed. I mean, the foods are affordable which is a good thing, but I would gladly pay more if they taste better. But again, the Cali Maki weren’t bad at all. I just think that a lot of other Japanese places offer a better-tasting version. And their Wagyu beef, ugh, I’m just not impressed!

Business hours depend on their location.
Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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